Return of personal income tax for 2016

In accordance with the applicable laws and bylaws, all members of KB First Open Voluntary Pension Fund – Skopje who possess voluntary individual accounts and have paid in the voluntary pension contribution in 2016, shall be entitled to a refund of their 2016 personal income tax regarding the funds paid to their voluntary individual accounts or the funds paid by a third individual in the name and on behalf of suchmembers.

In order to facilitate the 2016 personal income tax refund procedure for you, the Company has submitted a request for personal income tax refund regarding an individual account, to all Voluntary Pension Fund members who possess voluntary individual accounts and have made payments within the period from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.
The Tax Return Request is completely filled out with your details, so you will only have to sign it, and together with the proof* of personal income tax paid, submit it to the Public Revenue Office.

The Tax Return Request shall be submitted to the Public Revenue Office according to the place of residence of the applicant and it shall be accompanied by proof of personal income tax paid in the Republic of Macedonia on one’s own funds or funds paid by the payer on behalf of the Voluntary Pension Fund member.
Submission of Requests by residents of Skopje shall be made in the Regional Office of the Public Revenue Office (ul. 11 Oktomvri no. 27, 1000 Skopje).

*Annual Certificate of Personal Income Tax calculated and paid shall be considered as proof.
We have to point out that along with the Request, you should aslo enclose a payment slip on MKD 300.00 paid as an administrative feeunder the Price List of the Public Revenue Office.

Personal income tax return shall be made directly to your voluntary individual account at KB First Open Voluntary Pension Fund – Skopje.
KB First Pension Company AD Skopje shall, free of charge, notify you at your e-mail address on the personal income tax return made to your voluntary individual account.
For any additional questions, please contact us at the phone numbers of KB First Pension Company AD Skopje: 02 3243-772 and 02 3243 777.

Yours sincerely,
KB First Pension Company AD Skopje