About us

„The future today“, means planning our life today, with a responsibility for our future and our loved ones. Investing in pension funds managed by KB First Pension Company is investing in one’s own future.
KB First Pension Company has derived from the pension system reforms in the Republic of North Macedonia and its core business is the management of Pension Funds.

Our goal is to create value for the members of the Funds we manage, to protect their interests, ensure the security of their assets and generate profit by adequate investment.

Our vision is for KB First Pension Company to be a pension insurance market leader in the Republic of North Macedonia, recognized for its ethical principles, high expertise and professionalism in its work, with the only goal to achieve benefit for all of its members.

While working to achieve its goal, KB First Pension Company offers to its all current and future fund members the following:

RELIABILITY – Work in compliance with strict legal regulations and under the control of institutions involved in the reformed pension system (the Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance and Custodian Bank);

STABILITY – because KB First Pension Company has derived from the partnership of Skupina Prvazavarovalniski holding d.d. Ljubljana and Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, which have created the perfect blend of reliability and long bank tradition, knowledge and experience in managing Pension Funds;

SPECIALIZED SERVICES – because the Company is managed by experienced professionals, and its core business is Pension Funds management;

ORGANIZATION AND AVAILABILITY – because it has a widespread network of trained agents, through which every citizen can get accurate information about the product offered;

TRANSPARENCY IN OPERATIONS – because it is always open for communication and available to its members, who can have an insight into their assets and their multiplication at any time.

In the competitive performance of companies in the market, KB First Pension Company behaves correctly, respecting the principles of good business conduct and fair play.