Updating/correction of data

For the purpose of accurate and timely submission of the regular reports on the balance of Your individual and/or professional account or, other legal notices delivered to your contact address by the Company, it is of utmost importance that your data are fully accurate and timely updated in the Register of members of the pension funds managed by KB Prvo penzisko drustvo AD Skopje.

The correct data will enable us to have timely, regular and successful communication with each of You.

Updating and correction of the personal data of the members is done through immediate insight into a personal identification document of the person requesting change of data by an authorized person of the company or agent. For further information regarding the procedure for updating or correction of personal data, through our representative, do not hesitate to contact the Company’s contact phone numbers. The update/correction of a personal data is done by filling out the form Request for updating/correction of data, where the personal identification of the applicant may – except by the direct insight into the identity card through an authorized person of the company or agent – be done through a telephone contact with the member.

Updating/correction of the address of residence and/or address of correspondence of a member can be done by contacting the company’s contact phone numbers.


Online change of personal data

In order to change your personal data, you need a VERIFICATION CODE by which You will personally confirm the new data in Your account.

You can obtain the verification code via your e-mail address or your home address (correspondence address), previously registered in the Company’s records.

In order to register your e-mail address or to request the delivery of a VERIFICATION CODE, please contact us on the telephone number 02/3243-777 or 02/3243-772.

After obtaining the code, please do the following:

  1. Log in to MY ACCOUNT, using the username and password assigned by the Company and submitted along with the annual report on retirement savings.
  2. Within your profile, make the change of the required data, using large Cyrillic letters for the name, surname and address and do not enter the following symbols in the phone field: – and /.
  3. Click Save and afterwards the portal will request you to enter the VERIFICATION CODE.
  4. Enter the code issued by the Company and click Submit